Greatsword of Judgement is fucking awesome. Thiết kế web doanh nghiệp chuyên nghiệp, uy tín. Self-buffed and two-handed this has 660AR (perfect 330/330 split). For a specific (to this weapon) build you can use the following: Reply Replies (5) 3 +1. Additionally, the MLGS does significantly more critical damage at 60 INT because buffs don't do too well with critical modifiers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The glowing effect for the blade itself could use more work, but good job on it thus far. Claymore moveset is good for learning greatswords. the breakpoints for scaling are actually 27/33/35 str/dex/int, besides that thanks to the decent base damage and the inbuilt buff its decently useable even if you dont have the perfect stats for it, the ar difference most of the time isnt too big. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You can also wear the crown of dusk and magic clutch ring. Please leave a like, subscribe if you enjoyed the video. Because its damage scales with all three stats, it is capable of dealing split damage, making it a good weapon for fighting shield-equipped opponents. The additional stats (33 STA, 86 AP) also are of great help to warriors. The Greatsword of Judgment is a peculiar greatsword that is useful for builds that level Intelligence, Strength and Dexterity, but not beyond 40 for any. Even if you only use FP to maintain the buff (which would honestly defeat the purpose of the weapon), you could only apply the buff four times before you need to chug some ashtus (neglecting Farron ring and Simple). Cookies help us deliver our Services. 0. Greatsword of Judgement weapon moveset in Dark Souls 3, including Skill Weapon Arts and sample PvE combat. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. So now you should be able to tell which one is better for you ; g uppercut R2 that buffs the weapon with +80 AR for a bit. I used it as my main until I earned the twin princes sword. In other words, it looks like the same AR increase as buffing a normal phys only weapon, but the actual damage increase is higher. A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's left hand, respresenting the judgement of the moon, but with magic far closer to sorcery than any existing lunar power. I was going to use it anyway even if it was trash, but glad to hear it. Fairly long for a greatsword to boot. It's somewhat stat intensive, but it has good WA attacks (as long as you manually aim). Weapon arts are very nice. Judgement is a greatsword class weapon and better with some INT investment (has some split dmg, phys/magic). I know it doesn't scale with dex but im making a build for freide's scythe and all i have to use until then so far is a sharp sellswords twinblades. So would either recommend staying or going for one of the choices above. Optimal stats for this weapon S D I F 30 30 32 -. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. People with good judgment are skeptical of information that doesn’t make sense. Coub is YouTube for video loops. Or, you can go for 18str 40 dex instead -- will be less stat efficient than 26/30 spread, though it plays nice with buffable dex weapons if you are bored with GSoJ. The GS of Judgement needs a dedicated build, something like 27/40/40 STR/DEX/INT. By Thomas McNulty Aug 22, 2020. you can skip judgement for moonlight gs or leohhardt's sicle, they are far better for casters. The Greatsword of Blah is a craftable post-Moon Lord broadsword that fires out color changing homing projectiles that go a short distance. I mean, what do we have? Twinblades have nice damage but no poise damage. Below is a searchable list of all 3339 Dark Souls 3 item IDs which can be used with Cheat Engine to spawn items. It is an excellent choice for you if you like the claymore but with some extra power behind it. Slave Knight Dong. Definely one of the game's better weapons for warriors. 40vig, 6att, 40end, 11vit, 17str, 15dex, 60int, 9fth, 11lck. Both swords have a magic projectile WA but the GSOJ will become buffed increasing your damage. Moonlight blasts are badass, and I like the moveset better. Sat May 07, 2016 5:03 pm. ". From start to finish, the Long Sword can last you through most any PvE and PvP situations. This is a pretty good weapon for 3 classes in particular: Warrior, Hunter, and Paladin Warrior - The top-end damage on Ashkandi makes it a very powerful Mortal Strike weapon. Profaned Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.. A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's right hand, representing the Profaned Flame. Mirrored version of one-handed weak attacks. Long ago, when Sulyvahn was yet a young sorcerer, he discovered the Profaned Capital and an unfading flame below a distant tundra of Irithyll, and a burning ambition took root within him. We might none of us be alive today if it weren’t for a Soviet lieutenant colonel by the name of Stanislav Petrov. Can i switch over to that greatsword and still be as good? I heard it was trash and buffed on july It looks fancy, is it good? Once it stops, the projectile stays in place, and rains down more color changing homing projectiles that are smaller than the original. Greatsword of Judgement or Moonlight Greatsword. Its dark blue hues, deeper than the darkest moon, reflect sorcerer Sulyvahn's true nature. It supposedly is pretty good now, great for hybrid intelligence/quality builds. Oh great, thanks everyone! The Long Sword’s versatility lets it work well with many builds, though a Refined infusion would make the most of its base stats. - Two saws - An absurdely huge chunk of iron, hold together by duct tape - A fish-shaped iron chunk, hold together by duct tape, again - Ugh, I don't know what to say for that. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a … GSoJ doesn't even get 20 magic damage out of scaling from 40 to 60 int. People with good judgment have a definite idea of where they are going. Acquired From i have to agree. Press J to jump to the feed. It has very good damage when buffed. Wed May 18, 2016 9:34 am. GOOD JUDGEMENT 'GOOD JUDGEMENT' is a 13 letter phrase starting with G and ending with T Crossword clues for 'GOOD JUDGEMENT' Clue Answer; Good judgement (6) WISDOM: Judgement, knowledge (6) Accumulated knowledge (6) Good sense of judgement (6) Accumulated learning (6) Good judgement (11) 35.0 When two-handed, the Profaned Greatsword +5 Jumps up to 520 AR while the Greatsword of Judgement +5 stays at 488 AR. Time to see how well it works. Profaned Greatsword +5 has 456 AR when one-handed and Greatsword of Judgement +5 has 460 AR. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. My SL125 character with 40 INT, 25 STR, and 23 DEX has an AR of 708 when buffed and 2 handed. The Hollowslayer Greatsword is a fantastic weapon throughout the entire game due to it having a 20% damage bonus against any hollow enemy which includes a number of bosses. The Profaned Greatsword is good for Strength builds, and is pretty decent for quality builds. Plus, MLGS doesn't take FP … I left armor and most rings out of the build because I only wanted to include the core of this setup. You could run through ariandel and get the quills. Anonymous. You get it by trading the Soul of Lud, the Kingâ s Pet and 3000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex. 6 attunement? Life Ring+3, Ring of Favor+2, Chloranthy Ring+2, Havel's Ring+2. Also, the GsoJ is a Greatsword and the PG is an Ultra Greatsword. A good tip to remember is in this phase with a player above SL 8 Gael will stagger on every 5th or 6th hit. With the right stats though, it's a beast. It's made for a build with a maximum of 40 int though, so use a Heretic Staff or a weapon catalyst if you want to compliment it with some castings. This is essentially a stronger version of the Moonlight Greatsword and a good weapon to use for caster/strength builds. The Greatsword of Judgement is a craftable post- Moon Lord broadsword that autoswings. Unlike the original fired projectile, the falling projectiles can pass through the ground. I used the uchigatana until anor londo. Majestic Greatsword is a weapon in Dark Souls 2. Assume stance to unleash dark magic. Greatsword of Judgement is fucking awesome. Upon swinging the sword, a slow white projectile homes to enemies is fired, that after a short duration, will create a rain of smaller white homing projectiles around … A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's left hand, representing the judgment of the moon, but with magic far closer to sorcery than any existing lunar power. Complete remade textures, meshes and animation effect of the blade. Anonymous. They know how to orient themselves before beginning any venture. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. Self-buffed it hits very hard and isn't all that heavy. Greatsword of Judgment Dark Souls III Wiki » Weapons » Greatswords » Greatsword of Judgment Lore. The Greatsword of Judgement is crafted using the soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn, It deals 110 base damage and it’s special skill Stance of Judgement is a side sweeping wave that deals 86 magical damage. This sword was passed down through generations, until it reached Gordin, wandering knight of Forossa, and was lost upon his death. A video with a new greatsword of judgement build I made. The Greatsword of Judgement is good for sorcerers. Depending on your build, GSoJ has the potential for a considerably higher damage output, but that doesn't really matter to me. The Greatsword of Judgement is one of the many Weapons you will come across in Dark Souls 3. I know it doesn't scale with dex but im making a build for freide's scythe and all i have to use until then so far is a sharp sellswords twinblades. Greatsword of Judgement is good, too, but I'd take the MLGS over the GSoJ any day. Is the greatsword of judgement any good for a dex/int build? Adds a new weapon to Skyrim, the Greatsword of Judgement! I made a mage with both of these greatswords for PvP and I don't even touch the GS of Judgement anymore because of the required buff. 40vig, 6att, 40end, 11vit, 17str, 15dex, 60int, 9fth, 11lck, Life Ring+3, Ring of Favor+2, Chloranthy Ring+2, Havel's Ring+2, Any armour you want so long as it has poise and fashion, Greatsword of Judgement or Moonlight Greatsword. As long as you can maintain the WA buff, it's good. Is the jury still out on which spelling you should use: "judgement" or "judgment"? Learn more about the history of the word and its many spellings here. Two-Handed only. I'd test it myself but i dont want to waste upgrade materials. Riven Belmont Jul 12, 2017 @ 12:50am Uncannily, every last one of the prominent swordsmen who inherited this weapon was left-handed. But when you first land it's weapon art hitting them with the blade and the projectile you'll be addicted. The total damage from GSOJ is higher but the damage is split between physical and magic so enemies with high magic defense will take less damage. it's a really subpar "moonlight greatsword lite for folks who don't want to invest in Int". I'd test it myself but i dont want to waste upgrade materials. An ancient greatsword of unknown origin. Maybe it's just me, but this appears to be the only Wotlk 2H sword model which actually looks like a sword, aside from the DK sword. Bảo hành và hỗ trợ mọi lúc. There's also a Knight build I use that stacks vit and has higher Attunment if you want to see that. MLGS also just scales better to 60 Int. It got buffed twice, once from a previous patch and again with the patch 1.09 that buffed all greatswords. Loved it. Best used with a shield, it has good attack range and a quick moveset that lets you dodge and weave between hits. Judgement is a.. Its WAs are useful attacks as well (and they are cool), so it is pretty easy to maintain buffs. Anonymous. Move wp_a_0632.partsbnd.dcx into your Dark Souls III\\Game\\parts folder (UXM- unpack game FIRST), or into Dark Souls 3\\Game\\mods\\parts (modengine). The GSOJ damage doesn't really increase very much once INT is past 40 so level DEX and STR once you hit that cap. Any armour you want so long as it has poise and fashion. Such … I have exclusively used the Greatsword of Judgement on a few runs and prefer it to the Moonlight Greatsword. It outdamages popular unbuffable quality greatswords with the right build and the buff, though not buffable "quality" greatswords. Greatsword of Judgment [DKS3 Wiki] Comments posted to our Dark Souls 3 Wiki 9 . Hệ thống tính năng website đầy đủ, mang tính ứng dụng cao. I recommend having something like 26str, 30dex, 40int, and 14 attunement for GSoJ build -- you can use homing soulmass and great soul arrow as backup spells (for PvP). I think the Moonlight Greatsword is better for instances where buffing is not an option. what did you switch to once you reached anor londo? Press J to jump to the feed. You have between 5-10 levels that I would suggest putting into Vit (poise stacking) but I'll leave that to your discretion. For Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Greatsword of Judgement any good? Select from a wide r Here is the build I use for it: SL120 Warrior. I love the greatsword of judgement, but from what I can tell you really need to be shoving points in strength since it does more physical than magic damage. It's a good weapon. the optimal moonlight GS build would be better than your build where GS of judgment is better, so you'd just want to respec. Magic weapon + dex weapon of your choice. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cung cấp dịch vụ thiết kế web cao cấp, chuẩn SEO. Comment by 249152 Woah, that's a nice blade. The downside is that it is relatively short, has the bastard sword moveset (thus, no uber 2HR1s), it requires specialized builds to be effective, and 40 int it requires isn't that useful in itself. Description. Greatsword of Judgment is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. also i was eventually gonna use the moonlight greatsword but is the sword of judgement better? I'd suggest either making the build tailored for MLGS or GSoJ, since they do not have complementary scaling. Can i switch over to that greatsword and still be as good? About the build, you should start with knight instead of warrior; warrior is only good if attunement and intelligence are dump stats -- for GSoJ build, neither is.

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