Our timeless designs offer luxury and elegance to compliment high-quality gifts, reflecting the value and importance of not just … A range of wooden boxes and accompanying items the perfect way to protect life's keepsakes so that they can be cherished for the years to come. Berica: Online Packaging Supplies New Zealand. Call for a quote now! Ask your broker to make sure that the wood packaging used in your consignment complies with ISPM 15. If your wood packaging is treated, it must have one of the following three certifications: If you are using a shipper that provides packaging for you (like wood pallets), the packaging should have an ISPM 15 stamp. - wood packaging material made entirely from thin wood (6 mm or less in thickness) - wood packaging made wholly of processed wood material, such as plywood, particle board, oriented strand board or veneer that has been created using glue, heat or pressure, or a combination Shipment Tracking Number: Number of pieces in the shipment: Total shipment weight: Name of Export Company (stamp or Signature of Director) Date: Today, Starbox sits as the premier manufacturer of wooden presentation and wine boxes, cases, pallets and cable reels throughout New Zealand. Pack Centre NZ Ltd 35 - 37 Hobson St, New Plymouth, New Zealand. Matt Black Wooden Boxes 8; Gloss Black Wooden Boxes 11; Shop by Category Jewellery Packaging Wooden Boxes Our top of the range, most elegant assortments of boxes with a choice of gloss or matt black wood. Lorraine Van Veen. Read the IHS for Wood Packaging Material from All Countries [PDF, 537 KB]. Berica NZ has a strong focus on environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Our wood wool is durable, beautiful, and the perfect match for a broad range of applications, from wine and gift packaging to live seafood export, animal bedding, and beyond. In operation for 10+ years, we supply professionally finished wood boxes and crates for packaging, presentation, shop display, gifts and hampers. We also provide custom timber processing. You or your customs broker need to arrange for the transfer to a transitional facility before your goods arrive in New Zealand. The contact point agent issues the phytosanitary certificate when they are satisfied that the IHS requirements have been met. If you are importing wood packaging components on their own – rather than as part of other imported products – follow the steps for importing wood products. Auckland, New Zealand. When importing products to New Zealand you're responsible for: If you have queries about ISPM 15, contact the exporting country's National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) or your customs broker. treat the packaging (for example, by fumigation), identify the organism (and treat it only if it is a regulated pest), ship the packaging to another destination, when you have met the requirements of the IHS for your wood packaging material. Tumu Timbers provide quality, NZ made wooden pallets, bins, crates and packaging for the horticultural industry. packaging that sets your product apart GIVE creates beautiful, sustainable hand-crafted jewellery packaging for treasured keepsakes. An overview of importing wood packaging from start to finish. Supplied in a flat pack kit. Your wood packaging may be given biosecurity clearance: You'll also need to check with other agencies, like the New Zealand Customs Service, whether there is anything else you need to do to import your wood packaging. Ecoware NZ packaging is premium quality and affordable. a legible ISPM 15 stamp, NPPO-approved treatment certificate, or a phytosanitary certificate detailing any treatment. Most wood packaging has to meet the requirements set out in the IHS for Wood Packaging Material from All Countries, unless it is made from material usually used for other wood products (like wooden panels and chipboard). New Zealand uses an international standard for wood packaging, called ISPM 15. Make a special gift even more special with a gift box or hamper. All our wood is sourced from 100% sustainable plantation pine forestry NZ’s leading supplier to the horticultural industry Our excellent standards, industry experience and company infrastructure provide high quality finished products and total packaging solutions. 23:36 12 Jun 17. Skip to content Free delivery for online orders. Proud to be New Zealand’s largest online seller of disposable and takeaway food packaging. Eco friendly biodegradable packaging - NZ made - 100% compostable packaging - NZ - Nationwide delivery - Order online or Call us 09 274 0842 Browse the product range or … Shop 100% recyclable and easy to assemble and disassemble. packaging Auckland New Zealand Free on site pallet appraisals hold stock yard trucks deliveries customers service quality and price Telarc Q-base registered IPPC certified supplier export ISPM15 Pallets Auckland Pallet Auckland Pallet company Auckland Pallet companies Auckland. Fast and friendly service Ross, Wellington Extremely efficient South Island Rep Search for NPPO contacts on the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) website, For other questions, email plantimports@mpi.govt.nz, You must enable JavaScript to submit this form, Border clearance: aircraft, boats, arrival, and clearance facilities, Household goods and personal effects importing to NZ, Importing biological products and organisms, Importing ACVM – Agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines, Importing plants, flowers, seeds, and plant-growing products, Importing soil, rock, gravel, sand, clay, and water, Import health standard (IHS) - Wood packaging material, Border clearance for sea containers and cargo, meeting the import health standards (IHS) for your products, arranging appropriate treatment for your products, if needed, reporting to MPI if your product shows signs of disease or pests. Wooden Boxes Filters Close Shop by Category. Mike Coker. For other questions, email plantimports@mpi.govt.nz. Welcome to Pope Packaging Limited, NZ’s leading customised crate building & packaging experts. Well you're in luck, because here they come. MPI can help importers meet these requirements, to prevent the introduction of pests and diseases. New Zealand's import health standard (IHS) for wood packaging – the IHS for Wood Packaging from All Countries – incorporates ISPM 15 requirements as well as other treatments that your packaging may need. a phytosanitary certificate detailing the treatment method. ... & Send East Tamaki, you guys were absolutely amazing in reuniting an Ipad left in a taxi in Paris with a client here in New Zealand. The inspection, either at the port of arrival or an approved transitional facility, includes checks for: If your wood packaging does not meet IHS requirements when it arrives, or is seriously contaminated (such as with live organisms), you will need to do one of the following: All treatments have to be done by an approved treatment provider at a transitional facility. Visit the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation website, Read about the import entry process on the NZ Customs website. Importers of wood packaging must comply with an import health standard (IHS) for the type of wood packaging, and meet the treatment and plant health (phytosanitary) requirements. A customs broker will help you get import entry clearance. We design and build ISPM 15 regulation wooden crates, cases and one off­ pallets to ship a variety of goods. Wooden Pallets: Pallet Solutions - Buy new or repair & recycle your old wooden pallets. New Zealand's import health standard (IHS) for wood packaging – the IHS for Wood Packaging from All Countries – incorporates ISPM 15 requirements as well as other treatments that your packaging may need. a packaging supplier with a difference. Our personalised wooden storage crates re-create traditional apple crates of yesteryear at less than $50 each for a stunning gift, storage or display solutions. From cost effective, no frills souvenir packaging to luxurious imitation leather or black wooden boxes, our selection will cover all your needs and suit all budgets. Use wood wool to support and protect your products and to help design and add character to your gift or hamper. If your wood packaging is transported in a sea container, the container needs to have a quarantine declaration to show that it also meets import requirements. Ask your broker to make sure that the wood packaging used in your consignment complies with ISPM 15. If you have queries about ISPM 15, contact the exporting country's National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) or your customs broker. The most common wood packaging material is wood. Some items require packing inside wooden crates or cases before they are sent. Prestige Packaging supplies a wide range of packaging & accessories for all types of jewellery ... every time. If you are using wood packaging that doesn't already have an ISPM 15 stamp (for example, a new or unusual kind of wood packaging), you need to get a phytosanitary certificate for the packaging. Custom Crate Builders Auckland, Crate Building, Crate Packaging, ISPM15, Shipping Crates, Livestock Crates, Car Shipping, Auckland Freight, Custom Packaging - New Zealand How you know you've met MPI requirements. Postal Address: The Wooden Box (2020) Ltd 78 Leaning Rock Road Springvale Alexandra New Zealand 9393 Email: info@woodenbox.co.nz Karen Osnabrugge: 027 378 3718 Gerard Perkins: 027 433 9789 Our Products. permanently attached to a freight vehicle or a container. We engineer bespoke and beautiful structural packaging designs. If you're importing products packaged in wood, the packaging needs to meet New Zealand's biosecurity requirements.

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